Success Stories

Anne - Get Running - Ryde

I have always wanted to become a runner and learn to enjoy running. I have always tried in the past to get into running but have only ever done it on my own with no support and training and as a consequence have always given up thinking I hate running and can't do it.

Recently my husband was encouraging me to start running again and I stared at the interval training he had printed out and stuck on the fridge knowing I wasn't keen. I then saw a business post for Boobs on the Run and was suddenly interested to start running again but with support.

I joined get running incredibly nervous that I would not be able to keep up or handle the pace. Far from it! I followed the programme and slowly built up to the 30 minute run at the end. I have loved getting to know my running team and actually look forward to Thursday nights when we all go running together.

I have now joined Stay Running and am pleased with my progress. I feel so invigorated and alive after my runs and enjoy making time to get out of the house and have some "me time" when I go running.

Thanks Melanie and Boobs on the Run

Carolyn - Get and Stay Running - Iron Cove

It took me a couple of months to finally commit to the get running course with Boobs on the Run. I kept thinking there is no way I could do that. I have now completed the Get Running course and the Stay Running course! I have met some wonderful ladies and now cannot imagine not being part of a running group. Thank you Boobs on the Run!!





Sam - Get, Stay and Keep Running - Iron Cove

I joined Boobs On The Run about 18 months ago. Prior to this, I walked a lot but certainly didn't run. I signed up to Get Running as part of a decision I made to improve my fitness and each week, I did my group and homework runs and was surprised that by the end of the course I could run for 30 minutes non-stop. To say I was proud of myself was an understatement.

I went on to complete Stay Running and now I'm a regular in the Keep Running course. I've now completed a couple of events such as The Mother's Day Classic, the Harbour Run, City2Surf and the Blackmores Bridge Run - and this year I've completed two half marathons...with another coming up in a couple of weeks.

The coaches from Boobs On The Run are truly supportive and encouraging and I couldn't have come this far without them. Through this program, I've met so many wonderful ladies and I'm thrilled to have formed close friendships with a couple of them.

I'm proud of what I have achieved. Not that long ago I couldn't run 1 minute without stopping and now running is such an important part of my life. It makes me feel fit and healthy, it's my best mood booster and it sets a good example for my children about what it is to be healthy, active and outdoors.

I love this group and i'd recommend it to anyone looking to get fit in a run, friendly and supportive environment.