Where do we meet?

Meet outside 400 Barangaroo Avenue

Bondi Beach
Meet outside the Pavillion on Bondi Beach

Meet at Camperdown Park

Centennial Park
Meet at Queens Park Shed, Darley Road

Meet outside 145 Peninsula Drive, Breakfast Point. Please do not knock on the door

Meet in the car park on Chapman Road, Annandale. Use the entrance to the car park which is at the end of Johnston Street, Annandale

Iron Cove
Meet outside Le Montage in Lilyfield. All groups meet on the green to the left of Le Montage

Meet by Wellgate Avenue, Kellyville

Meet at Heffron Park, Bunnerong Road, Maroubra

Meet at the Tennis Courts at Marrickville Park

Nield Park
Meet at Nield Park Pavillion on Henley Marine Drive, Rodd Point

The Ponds
Meet outside the Community Hub in the Ponds.

Meet at King George Park car park on Manning Street, Rozelle

Meet at the entrance to the car park Kissing Point Park / Wharf in Putney

What to bring?

Please DO NOT bring any bags/valuables with you

  • Bottle of Water for afterwards

  • Comfortable Clothing

  • Sunscreen and mosquito spray (if near water)

Ensure all car keys safe by wearing clothing with a zip pocket

No bag storage facility provided

Eating before the run?

Evening Class: 
We are all different so what works for one person might not for another, the longer you can leave between eating and exercising the better
As a guideline, a small snack (crackers, banana, nuts/dried fruit) between 30 mins to 2 hours before class will give you energy for the class. Ensure you are well pre-hydrated also by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Eating a dinner or too soon (for you) before class may give you a stitch and make you feel tired and bloated, and it's not fun when your food talks to you during a run!

We will post more about nutrition and pre-/postrun tips throughout the program

Class Duration?

The run/walk sessions for Get Running last about 30 mins so all-in-all we are usually completely finished within 40-45 mins
The Stay Running sessions do run a bit longer and we might find the sessions increasing from 45-60 as the program proceeds

We do some surprise add-ons from time to time but will always advise you in advance if the class will go on longer than usual

What about the weather?

We run rain or shine. A light rain jacket can come in useful in the case of wet weather and also a hat or visor to keep the rain off.. You will warm up on a run (body temperature increases ~ 20%) so light layers are good. Please bring a towel for the car for after if it is raining. 

Please ensure you wear sunscreen during periods of sunshine.


  • Feeling nervous? Remember, this is everyone's first class

  • It is normal to be nervous, so please don't worry about not being fit enough for the class

  • You will be able to go at your own pace throughout, and we hope you will enjoy it

More Questions?

If you have any further questions/queries, please feel free to email us info@boobsontherun.com.au or call 0467 527189