Rachel is a university qualified nutritionist.  She’s also the mother of two teenagers, so she understands the struggles that parents face - between a lack of time, an over-abundance of confusing information about food, and of course, a fussy family… how are you meant to figure out what to feed everyone?  Rachel takes a fact-based approach to nutrition and offers tailor-made plans that are flexible, achievable and sustainable.   She is trained in the Health at Every Size (R) and Non-Diet approach to weight management and is proud to be a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador and a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador. 

Rachel is a keen runner - she is a Run Leader for Boobs on the Run and has completed 5 marathons and 16 half marathons. 

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Balance in Motion works to get you moving pain-free and performing better than ever. We offer pure hands-on physiotherapy along with video analysis and retraining strategies – so that you’ll understand more about how your body works and move better. Balance in Motion is one of the only clinics in Australia using the Integrated Systems Model of Physiotherapy.

All of our appointments are one-on-one and at least 45 minutes long, to ensure you get the best possible treatment. We are specialists in running technique and will film you running to find the core issue of your pain or reduced performance and work with you to ease the pain, correct muscle imbalances, increase flexibility and improve your running ability and performance.

The Runners Shop is located at 201 Clovelly Rd, Randwick. You’ll be professionally fitted. We have a wide range of premium running & sports shoes for adults and kids (trainers, flats, spikes, footy boots, lawn bowls, gym ,tennis ), nutrition  & hydration including energy gels, gu chomps ,clif blocks, clif bars , tailwind fuel/ electrolytes and protein, Endura, GU hydration, cramp fix, hydration packs, soft flasks, socks, clothing and massage equipment. Come in and see the team of runners Dave Stewart, Robyn Smith, Chris and Greta Truscott, Angus Baldwin and Matt Wring.

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Switch Physiotherapy

At Switch we are dedicated to helping runners achieve their running goals. Through our individualised approach, detailed assessment, hands-on therapy, personalised movement prescription and education, Switch is committed to getting you out of pain and moving the way your body was uniquely intended to.

We have clinics in Maroubra, Concord and Penshurst

Experience the Switch difference.


To book call us on (02) 9349 4253 or book online @