Boobs on the Run and The Mother's Day Classic

Boobs on the Run are proud to be involved with the Mother's Day Classic this year. Not just having a team, but we are providing the pacers for both the City and Parramatta races. This has been a yearly race for us since Boobs on the Run started 3 years ago and year on year we have increased our numbers in the team. This year we hope for 70 or more!! 

The Mother's Day Classic aim this year is to raise $4m to aid the NBCF to fund additional research. 

In the past 3 years, Boobs on the Run has helped over 600 women to learn to run, many of whom had never run before. We have also raised over $40k for local charities, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation as part of the Mother's Day Classic.

Having lost my Mum and Aunt to breast cancer 10 years ago...this resonates with me....1 in 8 is not just a's a life....

Want to join the Boobs on the Run team on Mother's Day?? Sign up and drop us a line at and we will provide you with the team password.

Welcome to our first post


Last year we started a small running group in Sydney’s Inner West which grew into the fun and supportive community, Boobs on the Run.

Our first session included eight other women with little running experience. Since then Boobs on the Run has seen over 150 women come through its courses and expanded to include intermediate and advanced running levels. Together, all the wonderful women involved have raised over $4,000 for local cancer charities so far.

Spreading the inspiration further afield

Here at Boobs on the Run we want to help women feel good and achieve their goals. We thought a blog would be a perfect way to continue supporting and inspiring our members.

We’ll be covering a lot of ground

Any runner worth their weight in electrolytes will tell you there is more to running than pounding the pavement three times a week. We are passionate about health, fitness, nutrition, having fun and supporting a deserving cause. 

We will also be sharing running stories from our members and updating you on all our news. We can’t wait to talk about a variety of these topics with you.

If there is anything you would like to see covered, please tell us in the comments below.