City2Surf - Here we come!


So the big race day is just around the corner now and all that training will pay off on Sunday! Wishing our runners taking part the very best of luck, here are our top three tips for success!

1. Now's the time to relax but get organised...

Take it easy for Sunday at this stage, no need for any more runs in the countdown. It's time to relax and get your body and mind set to go. Have a plan for Sunday and know when and how you are getting there, define a meeting point and get your gear laid out and ready to go. The Yoga "legs up the wall" pose is really beneficial for many reasons and will really aid relaxation and a good night's sleep, it's worth incorporating into your pre- and post race routine. 

Yoga "legs up the wall" pose

Yoga "legs up the wall" pose

2. Do things the way you've done them up to now...

Stick to the routine that's served you up to now during your training. Wear the shoes, socks and training gear that you've been used to wearing and eat foods that you know work for you. Now is not the time to change things up. Do focus on what you eat through the weekend and ensure to pre-hydrate. It's going to be an early start on Sunday so what you do on Saturday will set you up for the race. On Sunday morning eat something light a couple of hours before starting, perhaps porrdige or a banana. Stop drinking about 45 minutes before starting and do get in that pre race toilet call.

3. Envison the finish line...

Set yourself up mentally for the race and think through the stages and what you want to achieve. It will be important to pace yourself so start out balanced with the vision to finish strong. We agree with Time Out on the advice around hills and we know they call the City2Surf one a heartbreaker but don't let it break you:

Make the most of running downhill, by stretching your legs and lean slightly down hill to allow gravity to help you. When you hit an uphill battle, pump your arms and lean slightly into the hill to generate some forward momentum. Whatever you do, keep going. Once you start walking or stop completely, it's much harder to start running again."
If you've set yourself a time goal, here's a useful guideline for miletones along the course.

If you've set yourself a time goal, here's a useful guideline for miletones along the course.

Last but not least remember to smile! It will make you stand taller and get you through. And when envisioning that finish line envision the bubbles, of the sparkling variey of course! Best of luck!