Balancing Motherhood and Running

Linda and her daughter after a run

Linda and her daughter after a run

It’s Mothers Day this weekend. A few of us will celebrating by running in the Mother's Day Classic at the Domain. We have a Boobs on the Run team with partners and kids coming along to either join us or cheer us on. It’s sure to be a fun day out, but unfortunately not everything about running and motherhood is easy and enjoyable.

We spoke to some of the mums in Boobs on the Run about struggles they've encountered and any tips or advice on how to overcome them.

Get your kids involved

Blogger Linda Anderson from Mums on the Go would take her children for a play at the park and then afterwards her husband would drive the kids home so she could squeeze in a run. Unfortunately, she found the kids were always screaming and crying for her. Until she came up with a snazzy trick, “My four-year-old wanted to come for a run so I told her if she was dressed and had breakfast before I got home I would take her. We did a 630 metre ‘lap’ from our house. I tracked it on the app and everything for her. She was pretty happy when we got home.”

Breastfeeding while running

Justine Cameron is juggling breastfeeding with fitting in runs. “I time my runs around feeds,” she explains. “I run straight after and leave hubby to burp.”

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Ignore the mummy guilt and be a good role model

Emma Salkild sometimes feels guilty about her devotion to running. “There are times dishes are left in the sink or washing is not put away so I can run out the door. On one hand I know living a long healthy life is important, especially for my kids, but the guilt is there anyway. I also get very sensitive when non-exercising people ask me ‘How I find the time?’ It makes me feel like I should be baking cookies or making homemade play dough or something.”

For running leader Bec Wainscoat, prioritising running is a no-brainer. “For me, and thankfully my hubby also, it's really important for my kids to see us both running as part of our life. I feel really strongly that my kids see Mum run and know that exercise is something anyone can do.”

Do you have any tips or further thoughts? We'd love to hear them in the comments below.