How to Relieve Aching Arches

A common problem we see at Boobs on the Run is people with aching arches in their feet. Chris Gilchrist from Unwind Chiropractic spoke to running coach Mel Warman about how to relieve pressure in the arches by using a squash ball.

For those who can’t watch the video right now, Chris uses a squash ball because it’s the perfect shape to get into the arch to reshape the bone.

“The human foot has three arches,” he says. “Any stress in these arches both before and during running can create stress in other areas of the body too. Reducing that stress can make a difference to the energy and bounce in your step and could also aid in recovery.”  

We’ve also seen members with blisters in their arches. Mel Warman also suggests considering the type of socks we wear. “I would highly recommend getting socks that have the left and right fitting,” she explains. “They need to be more fitted and padded around the arch. Basically any sock with the extra layer around your arch will help support your foot.”

You can find running socks at Running Science in Rozelle or try the Nike shop at Birkenhead point.

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