The Mother's Day Classic


Last Sunday was the Mother’s Day Classic, a fun run in the Domain that raises money for breast cancer research. Overall the event raised more than $25 million. The Boobs on the Run team raised $1,975 - and 175 more than our goal. It was also the first time we had Boobs on the Run t-shirts and everyone looked so spiffy we got a shout-out from Michelle Bridges.

We had a little table set up manned by our cheer squad    running coach Celeste and her daughter. We also had lots of post-run healthy treats, some of which were inspired by our nutritionist Virginnia Thomas from Nourishing Pantry – people made a gold donation which went towards our fundraising.

It was an important day for running coach Mel Warman in particular, who has tragically lost her mother and aunt to breast cancer.

Without a doubt, it was a memorable and special morning for everyone involved full of nostalgia and reflection for those affected by breast cancer but also with a good serving of pride and fun.

Here’s what some of our runners had to say:

Melanie Warman – running coach

It was really nice to have everyone in Boobs on the Run t-shirts and it was awesome when Michelle Bridges called us out on the start line.

The Keep Runners did an amazing job and wanted me to set a pace for a finish of 48-50 minutes. Karen, Nadia and Emma M came in under 48 and the rest under 50. Massive well done to all. I am very much looking forward to next year!

Aoiffe Gavin – running coach

It was such a great turnout and a very positive atmosphere. Last year we were seven running and this year more than twenty. Go speedy running coaches Allison and Bec on leading the team to the finish. Both did the race in either side of 46 mins! This was a first race for many and a first 8k and everyone was so strong.

Ingrid Johnson

It was the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever had. There were no presents my family supporting and cheering us on was the best Mother's Day present. Loved it and will definitely do it again next year! My nine-year-old son ran with us and he loved it. We'll have another recruit next year!

Deborah Wood

It was really nice having a group to meet at the start and someone to watch our bags I heard the queue for bag drop off was huge. I did the 8k run and I managed to run 6k continuous but had to do some walk/run for the last 2k.

Nadia van Houwelingen

Such a great start to Mother’s Day! Loved being part of a group. It was my first running race so I grabbed a few learning points. It’s a nice Mother’s Day tradition and I will bring the family next time.

Emma Makey

Yes, I’m also going to bring my family next year. I don't think I'll be having a Mother’s Day lie in for a few years to come.

Samantha Grace Lee

I was excited to run in this event. Doing it with so many lovely mums and for such a great cause was so rewarding. Personally I wanted to do it under 50 minutes and the official time said 49:34 so I’m a bit proud of that! I'll definitely be keen to do it next year.

Emma Salkild

I ran the 4km race with my sister, brother and nephew. I was so pleased they could meet my Boobs on the Run family. We were also surprised by how much fun we all had even my teenage nephew had a good time. So we are doing another family fun run later this month too.

Karen Debels

Had an awesome time running with fabulous ladies for a great cause. It was great to maintain the chatting pace and not to worry about the distance. Also felt absolutely proud to wear the Boobs on the Run shirt!

The funds raised in the Mother’s Day Classic have a huge impact on survival rates which have increased by 17% since the early 90s to 89%. The donations cover a range of National Breast Cancer Foundation research projects from enhanced detection, to improved treatment options, to support for the physical and emotional wellbeing of women with breast cancer.

If you would like to donate, fundraising is open until June 14th and Boobs on the Run has its own team Mothers Day Classic fundraising page