Getting Your Feet Into Gear


One of the pros of running is the cost, or lack of costs. But the two things female runners should splash out on are a good pair of shoes and sports bra. But as New Runner Emma Salkild discovered, finding the right pair of shoes can make you feel less like Cinderella awaiting a prince with a glass slipper and more like the screw-up, Goldilocks.  

Before starting at Boobs on the Run I had bought a pair of runners from a sportswear chain that shall not be named. After completing Term 1 of Boobs on the Run and starting to clock up more mileage I was getting knee pain. It also felt like my feet were rattling around in my shoes. So on the advice of my running coach Aoiffe Gavin I headed in to see Boobs on the Run’s partner, Running Science.

The shopping experience at Running Science was completely different. The owner Fletch took the time to listen to my past running struggles and my future running goals. He did a gait analysis on the treadmill where he diagnosed me with an overpronating left ankle. Pronating is where the ankle turns inward while we walk or run. We all pronate to a degree, but when people like me overpronate it can lead to injuries such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and knee pain.

I tried on so many runners until we found my glass slipper – I mean, fluoro pink and orange ASICS stabilising shoe. Along with some physiotherapy from iMove my knee pain went. But two weeks later I was getting tingles and a bit of pain up the sides of my right foot. When I took off my nail polish I realised my right pinky toenail had gone a dark grey. Luckily Australis Bombshell nail polish covered it up. Even though a slick of paint was a great surface fixer I knew I had to get to the root of the problem, because let’s face it, I’m too vain for missing toenails.

During an assessment with Phil the Sports Podiatrist at Running Science I realised my right foot is bigger than my left. I felt like Goldilocks: “The first pair she bought were too big. The second pair were too small … and the third pair were just right.” But the thought of trying on MORE shoes made me want to pull out my hair. I was suffering “shoe-trying-on-fatigue”. Also, I had already become attached to the pretty colours in my outrageous shoes. Fluoro pink and orange are real mood boosters.

So luckily, Phil – being the clever chap he is – had other plans. He got a smaller insole, cut down the sides to create more room for my little toe. Then he relaced my shoes so there is more breathing room up the top where my toes push against the sides. I’ve run about 50 kilometres over the last few weeks since seeing him and the tingles and pain have gone. Thankfully it looks like my pinky nail is here to stay.

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