Blame Back Pain on the Boogie

Little Emma with a broken arm following a climbing accident

Little Emma with a broken arm following a climbing accident

In order to be good runners we need our bodies to be in the best condition possible. Unfortunately for Emma Salkild from the Keep Running program, not only was her back pain causing her to stop running, it was also disturbing her running self-confidence. But all that changed after a trip to Unwind Chiropractic.

My earliest memory is when I was about three. We had these really tall bookshelves in the lounge room and when no one was around I would climb up to the top of them and launch myself onto the couch that stood a metre away.

This memory came to me after my first appointment with Chris Gilchrist at Unwind Chiropractic. I was doing my usual spiel of “Thanks to two pregnancies, I’ve stuffed up my back. The last one in particular was really hard on me.”

“It’s always the second,” he said smiling empathetically. “Did you have any accidents or injuries as a kid or adolescent or in your twenties?”

“No, none. I’ve always been really fit and healthy,” I replied. He waited a moment and a memory popped into my head.

“I broke my wrist doing a jump on my snowboard once,” I said as the memories flooded back. “And another time I got concussed while snowboarding.”

A botched railslide led me to fly through the air and face plant into the snow. After a few moments my brother flipped me over and I saw him looking over me with two heads surrounded by four-pointed stars. He later told me I had a dazed and confused expression with a big line of snot across my face.

“I’ve been backpacking, bungee jumping and skydiving,” I said. “And I’m a qualified rescue scuba diver so that means a lot of jumping off boats and walking over soft sand wearing heavy tanks. I’ve even had to do this backwards somersault thing off the side of little tinny boats with a tank on my back.” I didn’t mention all the hours I spent in my twenties dancing in stilettos  probably not the ideal pastime for back care.

Emma - scuba

Chris explained that all of these "activities" add up to years of a spine being twisted out of alignment. That second pregnancy was the straw that broke the camel's back, or my back anyway. But I shouldn't kid myself that I was in perfect shape before getting pregnant.

My second child turned one a few weeks ago. This fact, along with my chiro appointment, gave me a much-needed “aha” moment. My back pain came from a lifetime of exploring, adventure and dancing. So I don’t blame my kids for my sore back anymore. Instead I blame it on the boogie and that helps me to smile through my pain. Because what’s the point of living if we can’t have a bit of fun and mischief? And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.