Canberra Marathon - Shout Out to Karen and Daniel

Today’s post was written by running coach, Melanie Warman.

We really have some committed and extraordinary people that come through the Boobs on the Run courses. I’m often impressed by the love and passion they gain for running. For me it means we’re doing our coaching roles well.


One of our ladies, who only started running with us less than six months ago, took on the Canberra Half Marathon last weekend. We provided her with a training plan to keep her on track. Our plan along with the help from Mic at iMove Physiotherapy, have kept her injury free.

Karen Debels finished in an amazing time of 2:08:21. This is an awesome achievement for her first half marathon.

One of our partners, Daniel Kurlapski from iMove Physiotherapy, only decided to enter the Canberra Full Marathon eight weeks ago. It’s a challenge for anyone to run a marathon, but this was his first and we had very little time to train. We provided Daniel with a comprehensive training plan which he has smashed.


Daniel Kurlapski took on the challenge and finished the marathon in just 3:39:00. An amazing achievement!

Congratulations to you both and remember to rest up this week!

Do you have a shout out for anyone? Let us know in the comments below.