Meet our Run Leaders

Here you can meet our amazing team of Run Leaders. All these ladies have their own running story and some have come such a long way to become the passionate and driven coaches they are.

All our Run Leaders are accredited Athletics Australia coaches.


Mel Warman - Owner and Senior Run Leader
Nickname: Spud

Hi! I'm Mel Warman and I am the founder and owner of Boobs on the Run. I wanted to share my running story and why Boobs on the Run means so much to me and the community of women we have supported.

As a kid at Secondary School (High School) I used to love running. On sports days I would always be the one to run the 1500 metres and I was also a county runner at Cross Country.  After school finished and college took over, running became less and less part of my routine. 

I remember getting the call from my Dad asking me to come over to my parents place as they needed to talk to me. He sounded tense and not himself. My brother was overseas with the army at the time, so all sorts of negative thoughts were spinning through my head about what was happening. I had no idea it would be to tell me that Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 49. It was so unfair.

A month later we received news that my Aunt (my Mum's oldest sister) had also been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I started to run again. I just needed some "head time" and running allowed me to get that. 

I joined a local running group and quickly became part of the community and eventually became a running coach through England Athletics. It became my sanity check.

During this time my Mum battled breast cancer, raised over $70k for cancer charities in the UK, which included having her hair shaved off in a middle of a pub. She did everything she could to beat the big C.

Unfortunately a year later we received news that the cancer had moved to her lungs. It was terminal. Mum still battled and continued to raise money during that last year, even though she was so tired. She lost her battle at the age of 52 and shortly after I lost my Aunt too who had developed secondary brain cancer.

Boobs on the Run has very much grown as a community, from the very first course to the last one just completed. We have helped over 900 women regain their self confidence, energy, endurance, they sleep better, eat better and most of all feel better. Plus we have raised over $52k for charity.


Rebecca Rumens - Senior Run Leader
Nickname: Bec
Where did your passion for running come from: I joined BotR's Get Running program as a total beginner nearly 2 years ago with a vague notion that I could learn to run, what I didn’t expect was that it would change my life. Running has made me strong both physically and mentally and sparked a drive to achieve that I never had before.
Favourite food: Thai - red duck curry
Least favourite workout:  Any form of crunches or sit-ups
Favourite run route: I work in the CBD and love a quick lunch time run - the route from Circular Quay under the Harbour Bridge and along to Barrangaroo is pretty special.


Joy-Ann Brewer - Run Leader
Nickname: JD
Where did your passion for running come from: Hmm tough one but mainly I started running as I wanted to get fitter and be a good example for my kids, it had to be a sport that would fit into our lives. It gave me mental space which we all need with the busy world! I fell in love with then got a little addicted 😝😀. Running has impacted so many aspects of my life now. I'm actually a shy introvert ( people never believe that!) but running has given me such confidence to give new things a go!!
Favourite food: Percy pigs (Marks & Spencer lolly) and potato bread (Irish bread made with yes you guessed it potatoes!)
Least favourite workout:  Squats
Favourite run route:  I'm very predicable but mainly love running the bay but has some beautiful runs recently in Ireland


Helen Scott - Run Leader
Nickname: My parents call me Molly for no reason in particular... but it stuck
Where did your passion for running come from: My Dad was a runner and when I decided to do something about being overweight I decided I'd give running a go with my Dad. 3 years later I was running a marathon... so running must be in the blood
Favourite food: I run to eat pizza
Least favourite workout: Boxing - I'm not a fan of getting beaten up
Favourite run route:  Sydney is full of amazing runs but currently I love going past Mrs Macquaries' chair, around the opera house, through the Botanics and back home - it's about 7k


Nicky Turnbull - Run Leader
Nickname: Nickster
Where did your passion for running come from: I started running as training for team sports. I realised that I actually loved the running for its own sake and since becoming a mum, I love the convenience of running and how strong it makes me feel.
Favourite food: Curry - I am English!
Least favourite workout:  I know I should do yoga and Pilates, but never want to give up and opportunity to run to do them - so I stay inflexible instead
Favourite run route:   I love running by our beautiful harbour - still such a buzz - and can make them as long or short as you want.


Zoë Fluit - Run Leader
Nickname: Too many to list, but I still go by my roller derby name a lot!
Where did your passion for running come from: Passion for running kicked in after I broke my ankle in 2012 and decided to treat myself like an athlete instead of giving up on my sport. So I rehabbed my ankle and got my fitness back, which included this thing called running...
Favourite food: Second breakfast and snacks
Least favourite workout:  Anything that requires coordination, ball sport games
Favourite run route:  Shellharbour parkrun is a must if you're in the area! We also have lots of beautiful routes right here in Sydney. 


Kora Murphy - Run Leader
Nickname: I don't have one!
Where did your passion for running come from: At uni I discovered how good running makes me feel and how it helps me deal with stress, I've been running ever since.
Favourite food: Pizza
Least favourite workout:  Anything involving ball skills, I also don't enjoy boxing (yes, also everything that requires good hand-eye coordination)
Favourite run route:  The trails around Bobbin Head and the Coastal path in the Royal National Park.


Vickiann Hewitt - Run Leader
Nickname: VA or Vann
Where did your passion for running come from: I wanted to run for about 5 years but never thought I could. One day I managed to run 1km and told a friend. She said if I could run 1km I could run 3km. So I ran 3km. Then I thought I should be able to run 5km. So I joined BotR. The rest, as they say, is history......
Favourite food: Pizza, pizza, pizza
Least favourite workout: Burpees - revolting things
Favourite run route: Sunrise on the The bay run


Allira Salem - Run Leader
Nickname: None that I know of
Where did your passion for running come from: A friend asked me to run a half marathon in 2009 & I thought 'how hard can that be?!' I had not run more than 500 metres in about 4 years & thought that was decent preparation...took me 3 hours & I vowed to get better!!
Favourite food: Japanese!!! Sashimi any day
Least favourite workout: Yoga - snooze fest, although good for stretching I get bored!
Favourite run route: Coogee to Bondi or Bay run in Balmain! So many cute guys


Rachel Eagleton - Run Leader
Nickname: None
Where did your passion for running come from:  I was doing 6 week challenge with daily exercise. My trainer suggested running instead of walking. I struggled to the end of the street, to the end of the next street. Then I moved to Singapore and made a new friend who was a great runner, she suggested we did a 10k race together - I thought I was going to die but hat no other friends so had to pretend it was great fun!!
Favourite food: Dark Chocolate
Least favourite workout: terrible hand eye co-ordination/ball sports
Favourite run route: From Balmain, over the ANZAC bridge, around blackwattle bay, up and over Lilyfield Road then back along the far side of the baryon. That's 16km, there are plenty of bubblers and toilets. I also like running out to Barrangaroo.


Vanessa Orr - Run Leader
Nickname: Neddi or Ned... as named by my 4yr host brother whilst an exchange student in Canada. It has stuck and they still call me this 20 years later.
Where did your passion for running come from:  The endorphin rush and sense of accomplishment when I finish a run (doesn't matter how fast or long you go, the fact that you actually got out there and did it)
Favourite food: Pasta (but has to be gluten free these days)
Least favourite workout: Frog jumps (silly exercise they make us do at bootcamp) and spin class (my legs don't seem to work on the bike)
Favourite run route: I like running in different cities. The running festival in Melbourne every October is a favourite.